Two Counties Tour

Salisbury - Wood Henge - Stonehenge


4 hours


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You will be met at your accommodation in Salisbury and from here you will start your Stonehenge experience tour.

Firstly, travelling around the city, you will hear about the building of this Medieval city.
From ghost stories to beheadings to card cheats, Salisbury has a fascinating history.

Whilst in Salisbury, you will visit the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral, home to the world oldest clock and of course, one of the worlds most important documents, The Magna Carta.

The Spire at Salisbury Cathedral stands 123 metres high, and is one of the tallest in the UK, and is not all it seems!!!

With its history dating bcak to 1220, you will find out about Bad King John, The 3rd Earl of Salis-bury and his Rat!, to the relationship between the military and the clergy to one of the countries most respected Prime Ministers.

A brief stop at Old Sarum – The original City of Salisbury.

This is an Iron Age settlement that became Salisbury after visits from Saxons, Danes, Vikings and Normans.

Leaving Salisbury, we travel along narrow country lanes alongside the river Avon towards Stonehenge.
Through picturesque villages with thatched cottages, we see the house where William Pitt, after whom Pittsburgh is named, once resided.

A little further we pass the house of the singer songwriter ‘Sting’ and travel through the fields of barley that inspired his haunting song ‘Fields of Gold’.

You will continue your tour to West Amesbury(Blue Henge), Durrington Walls and Woodhenge which have increased our understanding of the purpose of Stonehenge.

After viewing the exhibition English Heritage will transport you to Stonehenge itself and you can have an audio guide in 10 different languages.

On completion of your tour, you will be transported back to Salisbury