Medieval to Mystical Tour

New Forest - Salisbury Cathedral - Old Sarum - Stonehenge


6 Hours


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You will be met in Southampton at your accommodation or cruise ship and your journey starts with a trip through the beautiful New Forest, which dates back to the time of William the Conqueror, who used it to pursue his love of hunting. Here, his Son, King William II was killed by a stray arrow, but was it an accident or....? The New Forest is home to over 3000 wild ponies that roam alongside pigs, sheep, cattle and even donkeys.

On arriving in Salisbury, you will travel around this great medieval city and hear about ghosts, card cheats and what happens if you upset the King!

No visit to Salisbury would be complete without a visit to the magnicent Salisbury Cathedral. Here you will see the worlds oldest mechanical clock which dates back to 1386.

On leaving Salisbury, you pass Old Sarum, one of the most enthralling and historically important sites in Southern England. Uniquely, its combines a Royal Castle and Cathedral within an iron age fortification, and for 150 years was a major centre for secular and ecclesiastical government.

Travelling through the Wiltshire countryside, you pass picturesque villages with their thatched cottages and historic stone work. You may even pass the house of the songwriter who was insprired by this beautiful countryside to write the "haunting" song..."Fields of Gold"...But who is he?

After passing through Amesbury we find Woodhenge, which has increased our understanding of the purpose of Stonehenge.

On arrival at Stonehenge, you can view the exhibition which contains many actifacts which have been found in and around the Stonehenge landscape.

At the end of your tour, you will be transported back to your accommodation or cruise ship in Southampton.

PLEASE NOTE: This tour can be adapted to you, so if you are not in Southampton, please contact us as we are here to help!