Mists Of Time Tour

New Forest - Salisbury - Durrington Walls - Wood Henge - Stonehenge - Avebury




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Note: You need to have your walking head on with this one! There is some up hill walking over rough ground, so its is advisible to wear suitable footwear.

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From your cruise ship or accommodation in Southampton your Driver/Guide will take you to the beautiful New Forest which was the favourite hunting place of William the Conqueror and where his Son, King William II was killed by a stray arrow.

As you head over Pepperbox Hill, the stunning spire of Salisbury Cathedral comes into view.

Standing 123 meters high, this is the tallest spire in Northern Europe, but it's not all it seems!

Travelling around Salisbury, you can visit the spot where John Constable painted his famous scene "Salisbury Cathedral over The Water Meadows", seldom seen by tourists at Harnham Mill.

Arriving at Salisbury Cathedral itself, you will see the world's oldest mechanical clock, which was lost in the 18th Century when James Wyatt demolished the orginal bell tower, which dated back to the 13th centry.

No visit to the Cathedral would be complete without a visit to The Chapter House, home to The Magna Carter; one of the most important legal documents in history.

Upon leaving Salisbury, you visit Old Sarum, the original site of The City of Salisbury.With its historic ruins of Sarum Castle and Salisbury Cathedral, Old Sarum is one of the most historical sites in Southern England.

Your guide will tell you how Salisbury played its part and helped to win WW2.

Continuing through the Woodford Valley, you will pass historic houses with their thatched roofs, and hear about the buildings and people that live in this pictureque part of Wiltshire.

You may even pass the house of the famous songwriter who wrote the haunting song... "The Fields of Gold"

Continuing through the Stonehenge landscape, passing the not-often heard of "Blue Henge" and "Woodhenge", you will hear how important these places are to our understanding of why, when and how Stonehenge was built.

On arrival at the site of Stonehenge, you will first visit the exhibition which houses artifacts discovered in and around the area.

Having visited this infamous site, you travel north across Salisbury Plain and through fields famous for the amazing crop circles which appear throughout the late Spring and Summer months. Passing The Alton Barnes White Horse, you will learn about the fraudster, Jack The Painter and what happened when he was finally brought to justice.

Your guide will also lead you on a walk to West Kennet Long Barrow.

With its stories of skulls, bones and burial, West Kennet Long Barrow is another Neolithic site, which is not to be missed.

Finally, you come to the largest man-made stone circle in Northern Europe, Avebury.

Travelling down "The Avenue" you will hear how in the 18th Century, the Antiquarian, William Stukelys' drawings helped save Avebury and later how Alexander Keiller planned to rebuild this incredible Neolithic site.

On completion of this fascinating tour, you will be transported back to your accommodation in Southampton.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not staying in Southampton, please email us. We can start and finish this tour from anywhere, just ask!